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                Siemens Standard Motors Ltd.,

                Low Voltage
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                í˙Siemens Ltd., China

                í˙Siemens AG, Industry Sector

                í˙Siemens AG, Industry Sector, Drive Technologies

                  í˙After Sales Service

                The Product Service Dept. of Siemens Standard Motors Co., Ltd.(SSML) is roundly in charge of the after-sales service of all Beide Motors produced by SSML. SSML has the high-efficient dispatch center, well-trained team of after-sales service engineers and authentic External Service Providers(ESP). Combined with the advanced service concept, optimized service flow and cutting-edge technology of Siemens, by following our principle, i.e. continuous innovating and creating value for customers, SSML has been providing and will continue to provide the most superb service for all our customers wholeheartedly.   


                Hot-lineú║+86 514-85718198 ( Global Service ) 
                Faxú║+86 514 85718148
                Mailú║ beide-service.ssml@siemens.com


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